Property services

Property Related Services

Costs involved in buying and selling real estate with Bulgarian Real Estate.

Buying and selling property in Bulgaria is made easy with Bulgarian Real Estate.
Our commissions and prices are transparent and competitive, and you can select which services you would like us to provide for you.

· Commission is just 3% of the sale price of the property.
· For lower priced properties our commission is just €750 minimum.

On top of the agency commission there will be legal fees to pay. These vary from one area to another but we recommend that you set aside approximately 5 - 8% of agreed sale price for this.

Other property related services offered by Bulgarian Real Estate.

We don’t just sell properties at Bulgarian Real Estate, we also take great pleasure in assisting clients when relocating to Bulgaria, and so we offer various other services to help with this.  

Once you have purchased your property, it will need to be registered with the tax office and utility companies.

· Register new ownership at government offices just €26

· Register for utilities – Electricity and Water - €52

The only other expense you will have is your annual property taxes.

· Paying Your Annual Property Tax - €10


Setting up and registering a Bulgarian Limited Company (OOD).

It is necessary to set up an OOD if you are a non EU citizen and wish to buy Bulgarian real estate/run a business in Bulgaria.
· OOD set up and registration - €390

There are additional obligations connected to running an OOD which we can assist with.

· Annual Company Accountancy Fee - €40 for non-trading companies only.
· Annual Company Financial Report - €70

We also offer other services related to living in Bulgaria – see here for more information

We accept payment in the local Bulgarian currency (Leva), Western Union and bank transfers also, and can assist with money changing if required.