Fees & Charges

BRE – Buying and selling properties made easy.  Our commissions and prices are transparent and you can select what you need to buy in from the menu below, although some of the costs are refundable upon purchase.

Prior to your trip BRE can

·         Assist you in your search for that perfect property, you tell us what you are looking for and your budget and we will make suggestions and forward photographs of properties.


·         Arrange accommodation for your visit.


·         Collection and transfer from airport with English speaking driver.  (The cost of this depends on which airport you fly into and which area your search is in).

·         Hire car – lots of our clients choose to be independent when they visit Bulgaria and we can recommend hire companies that offer the most competitive prices and services.


·         If you choose to use one of our vehicles for your viewing trip than we charge just 0.20 cent/ EUR per km ( a fraction of the cost of other agents) and of course this is once again refundable should you purchase a property.

·         Alternatively you can use your own vehicle and hire a guide and translator for 25 EUR per day.

What you will need to budget for.

·         Our commission is just 3% of the purchase price. Or minimum of 750 EUR

·         Legal fees vary from one area to another but we recommend that you set aside approximately 5% of purchase cost for this.

Once the property is purchased.

Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries in Europe to run a second home.  Once you have purchased your property.  The property will need to be registered with the tax office and utilities.  We pride ourselves on our competitive prices for our services. 

·         Register new ownership at government offices just 26 EUR

·         Register for utilities – Electricity and Water = 52 EUR

·         The only other expense you will have is your annual property taxes and for us to pay these on your behalf please see our services page.

If you are an EU citizen and hold a European passport the only other expense will be your annual property taxes.

Please Note

If your passport is non European than additional charges will be necessary as you will need to set up a Company and the cost for this will 390 EUR.  Please see additional charges below for company obligations.

Additional Charges

·         Annual Company Accountancy Fee - 40 EUR for non-trading companies only.

·         Paying Your Annual Property Tax - 10 EUR

·         Annual Company Report - 70 EUR

·        Preparation of POA documents and representation before a Notary to purchase property - 100 EUR